Do I Really Need to Install All of Those Adobe Updates?


I hear that question asked quite often and deservedly so. It can be a bit annoying when you receive pop-ups saying that Adobe Product updates are available and need to be installed several times during the week. Why, I have on occasion had a day where I was prompted to install Adobe updates three to four times that very day! And they all seem to happen when you are trying to get something finished on the computer.

Well perhaps if you understand the reasoning behind so many product updates for Adobe, you may not be so irritated the next time you see one.

Hackers, malware, and virus creators truly live to wreak havoc on computers. They enjoy it and so they are always looking for a way to deliver their malware to the largest possible number of users. So how would they go about it? It’s simple—they are looking for software that is currently installed on most PCs and devices. For many, the Microsoft suite of Office products comes to mind. Not so fast my friend! Office products are installed on only a fraction of the computers worldwide, so while they are targeted it’s not really a good target for hackers.

Enter Adobe products. You will be hard pressed to find a single computer that does not have some type of Adobe product preinstalled on it. Whether that be Adobe Flash used to create and present rich multimedia web content, Adobe Photoshop Elements, or, most importantly, Adobe Reader. The latter is needed because the PDF has become the de facto standard for transmitting documents through and on the web. Most of our forms and documents used as an association and industry are PDFs.

So now that you know why hackers target Adobe products, you may still ask, “ What does this have to do with so many updates?” Easy answer. The updates are security updates that are necessary to plug vulnerabilities in the Adobe software. You see, a hacker could exploit these vulnerabilities to access your computer remotely and either steal or destroy data or possibly do both! The hackers can even use your computer as part of a “botnet.” A botnet is a network of infected computers used as a home base for the hacker, to launch attacks on other computers on the Internet.

So update, update, update! That is, if you want to protect your PC and data. If you have questions feel free to call the helpdesk if you need assistance with Adobe updates. If you feel you are simply not comfortable doing them yourself, take advantage of our CATRS technology services. For a minimal cost we can train you to correctly install Adobe updates while alerting you to some pitfalls that could make the installation problematic.

Now that you understand the reason for the plethora of updates that Adobe doles out, maybe,  just maybe you will feel better knowing that someone is proactively safeguarding their software and your security.