Use REALTOR® Tour to Promote Your REALTOR® Luncheons!


Have you been looking for a way to better promote an upcoming “REALTOR® Luncheon” or “Tour of Homes”? Did you know that Paragon 5 offers a quick and easy way to promote said luncheons and/or tours? Well it does and it is perhaps one of the more underutilized features within our MLS system. The process is actually quite easy as outlined below:

To enter your REALTOR® luncheon as a tour of homes into Paragon you must first click on the large “listings” button at the top of your screen and then under “Listings,” choose “Maintain Listings.”

Once you are at the Listings Maintenance screen you will then want to choose “Select an Action” at the end of the row of the listing for which you want to create a REALTOR® luncheon or tour.

The next step is to choose the option for “Tour Listing.”

The next step you will want to take is to click “Add New.”

Now add the appropriate information about your Open House or Tour including any comments and click “Save.”

You will now see the tour home listed.  If you would like to enter more REALTOR® tour homes, just repeat the process beginning with “Add New.”  A broker or agent may only enter tour listings for homes under their own inventory.

That’s it!  It really is just that simple.  Don’t forget to call any other agents that you might be working in conjunction with and advise them to follow these same easy steps.  You might also wish to further promote your REALTOR® tour by calling Christy O’Connell at the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS® at 850.224.7713 and asking that your Thursday tours be listed in the latest edition of eBoard Briefs.

Now that you have entered your REALTOR® tour, don’t you want to know how to search for it?  Of course you do!  Just click on the big Search button at the top of the screen in Paragon, and under “Specialty Search” choose “Tour and Open House.”

Now enter the dates you want to search for and choose the “Tour/Open House Status” as “Tour,” enter any other pertinent information, and hit Search.

You should now see the REALTOR® tour that you just entered!  Remember that you can also email this information to anyone you like.

So that’s it!  You have now successfully created and searched for your REALTOR® tour!  WELL DONE!!!  Of course if you have any trouble along the way you can always rely on your trusted CATRS Helpdesk at 850.224.7713.  I am always happy to assist you, so please just give me a call any time Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and I will do my best to serve your needs.

Technically speaking,