Real Estate Auctions

Real estate auctions offer great options for buyers and sellers. Where a seller’s market is becoming stronger it is important to keep more than just a quick sale in mind. You should also be considering your method of marketing to capitalize on the opportunity of possible quick, multiple offers. What is a real estate auction? […]

Illegal Referrals on the Radar

In case you missed the Florida REALTORS® news release in January quoting Florida REALTORS® general counsel Margy Grant, the “Unlawful Inducement Rule“ is now officially on the books at the Department of Financial Services. It has a list, a non-exclusive list, of what title agents cannot do to get business referred to them. It also […]

The Changing Face(Time) of Real Estate

Gone are the days of MLS books and driving around neighborhoods to find the perfect home to buy. Through technology, home buyers are able to search for a home and have financing completed all before talking to a REALTOR®. According to NAR, 100% of homes purchased have been viewed online. For several weeks, I was […]

REALTOR® to REALTOR®: Back to Basics

Have you ever noticed how successful you are when you focus on the basics in any undertaking?  Think about when you bake a cake. If you leave out just one ingredient or over-mix the batter, the project is usually a flop. Or in T-ball, where coaches preach three rudiments: hit the ball, catch the ball, […]

Don’t “Short Sale” Yourself

Who wants to become a REALTOR®? You want to show houses? You want to write contract offers? You want to place your sign in the yard? Well, not to bust your bubble, but so do all the other agents in town. So the question is, what do you do to set yourself apart?   As a […]

Threatened and Endangered Species

Do Your Due Diligence: Environmental Assessments of Commercial Properties  Bordered by water, but attached to the continent—almost an island, but not quite—Florida offers us a diversity of climates and temperatures, which results in a wonderful variety of plants and animals. As a result of our great climate, thousands of people move here every year and […]

Preparing and Conducting a Real Estate Transaction

With the real estate, title, and mortgage industry changing on an almost daily basis, it is imperative that every real estate agent is armed with the necessary knowledge to successfully close a real estate transaction.  Ask yourself about these three scenarios: Jimmy Smith – Living in New York with property in Florida Jimmy Smith was […]


“In this corner, weighing 175 lbs. (don’t judge), from Coldwell Banker Hartung and Noblin… Jimmmmmmm Butlerrrrrrrrrr!”  This is how I feel sometimes during a transaction. It may be difficult at times dealing with the agent on the other side of the transaction, but I know I must. While we’re all here to make a living, […]

So You Want To Be a Broker?

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss and opening your very own real estate office? If so, then you will want to attend So You Want to Be a Broker at TBR on April 24. The course is designed to help you decide if opening your own real estate firm is right for […]