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Windows 10: Should REALTORS® Take The Plunge?


Microsoft’s long awaited new operating system—Windows 10—has finally arrived. Most consumers will take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 that is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. But is it a wise choice to upgrade now?

Well, that depends. For the average consumer upgrading shouldn’t cause a lot of concern. This individual mainly needs to understand that there will be a slight learning curve as there is with any upgrade. However, Windows 10 does correct a lot of the mistakes and issues that plagued Windows 8. Therefore, if you’re simply browsing the Internet, gaming, or watching movies, the upgrade should be fairly painless.

In fact, Windows 10 does the best job yet of creating a user interface that makes sense for both a PC with a keyboard and devices that use touch, such as your smartphone and tablet. I think many will like the new Edge browser that will replace Internet Explorer, as it, too, signals a departure from clunky, slow, less secure browsers to the modern browser built on HTML 5 standards. In other words, you should have a more secure and faster browser with Edge.

Yet, I am not writing this article to general consumers, I am writing to you, the Real Estate Professional. Therefore, like it or not, there are other considerations you need to ponder before moving to Windows 10 as a business.


For a REALTOR®, your first criteria for purchasing any new PC should be compatibility with the tool you use the most: the Paragon 5 MLS system. Currently, Windows 10 and the new Edge browser are not supported for Paragon use. They are currently undergoing Quality Assurance review with Black Knight, the developer of Paragon 5.

The same can be said of Form Simplicity—it does not currently support Windows 10 with the Edge browser. We round out our list with RPR and iMapp. While there are no reported issues with either of these platforms on Windows 10, the applications they use are currently not supported. Just one point of clarification, when I say that it is not supported, that does not mean that some of our MLS applications will not work at times on Windows 10; “not supported” means the developer has deemed that Windows 10 and the Edge browser are either still under testing, or there are known issues.

So it is with this backdrop that I am strongly encouraging our members to refrain from upgrading to or purchasing Windows 10 and the Edge browser.


Windows 10 is definitely a superior operating system when compared with Windows 8. The Start menu is traditional, yet works on modern devices that include touch. I think those of you who enjoy multitasking will find the “virtual desktop” features a welcome addition. This allows you to group sets of applications in separate desktops. It definitely helps alleviate the issues with multiple window clutter.

REALTORS® will enjoy the new Photos app. It’s not going to replace your Adobe Photo Suite for editing photos, yet it does the trick for basic edits and is great at keeping your photos organized. 

Thankfully, the “Metro” style app center has been removed. Instead, your app tiles are neatly tucked away in your Start menu. One of the other major complaints about Windows 8 was the inability to easily change settings for printers, wallpaper, screensaver, Wi-Fi, etc. Windows 10 addresses these shortcomings by placing your settings in the new Action Center. It give you quick access to many system settings that you normally would find in Control Panel in Windows 7.

Final Thoughts

One last word of caution. While Windows 10 improves on Windows 8, and in my opinion “gets it right,” there is still the area of the slight learning curve. Should this prevent you from considering Windows 10? No, but be open to the idea of spending a little extra time to learn how to use your shiny new operating system.

That being said—all in all, Windows 10 is a viable replacement for Windows 7 and 8. Unfortunately, there is that little compatibility issue with Paragon and your other MLS apps. For now, stay put with Windows 7. As Windows 10 and the new Edge browser become compatible with Paragon 5 and other MLS apps, CATRS Technology Support will let you know.

Paul A. Galloway
Manager of Association Technology
Tallahassee Board of REALTORS®
Capital Area Technology & REALTOR® Services

The Changing Face(Time) of Real Estate


Gone are the days of MLS books and driving around neighborhoods to find the perfect home to buy. Through technology, home buyers are able to search for a home and have financing completed all before talking to a REALTOR®. According to NAR, 100% of homes purchased have been viewed online.

For several weeks, I was working with clients who were relocating to Tallahassee from Fort Worth, Texas. According to the buyer, “It’s very stressful trying to find a house when we live in another state. Traveling back and forth for house hunting gets very expensive very quickly.”

Not only would travel become expensive, but the houses that met their criteria were going quickly. They would find a potential home and before they could book at flightto come see it in person, there would be a contract or multiple offers in place. After seeing Rebecca’s disappointment and feeling her frustration, I knew that we had to take a different approach to this fast-moving, tech-heavy, real estate market. We implemented a new plan. We were determined to get a contract in on the perfect house. 

And so it began! A house would come on the market, I would go to the property and FaceTime the buyers. FaceTime, for those who aren’t familiar, is a video conferencing feature on Apple devices. This new strategy was working. Houses that they thought they liked from pictures were soon eliminated through our “real time” tour. Let’s hear from the buyers again: 

FaceTime allowed my REALTOR® to show me houses in Tallahassee while I was still in Fort Worth. It’s different than a virtual tour. It’s a live tour and she was able to answer questions, give me a closer look at things, and look at things that aren’t normally shown in pictures. FaceTime allowed us to do that. It’s really an invaluable service. 

It wasn’t long, thanks to our new approach, that we found the perfect house and a contract was accepted! Embracing FaceTime in my business has opened up more options for my buyers who can’t be on the property personally. 

Jamie B. Bellamy
Roberts & Co Real Estate Services, LLC

President’s Message: Attend!


As your 2015 Tallahassee Board of REALTORS® President and considering my involvement with Florida REALTORS® as State Director for over three years, I urge all TBR members to attend the state conference at least once in your real estate career. Plan now to attend the Florida REALTORS® conference in Orlando, August 19 – 23.

I’ve built friendships with colleagues from all over Florida with my involvement, first through WCR, later with CRS, and presently as TBR president. I can confidently refer buyers and sellers to my REALTOR® friends statewide, matching their personalities with my customers, and vice-versa—I was asked more than once, “Where do you get those leads from?” I am very proud to say they come from the trust of REALTORS® that I met attending the conference, and they think about me when referring family and customers.

Today, I encourage you to register to attend the Florida REALTORS® Conference. Your career will benefit from the information shared, a variety of education sessions, and networking with other REALTORS®:

  • This year will start with the REbar Camp on August 19, where you can grab instant strategies, tech, and marketing ideas from one day of peer-to-peer roundtables.
  • You will learn tips to help you make more money at more than 30 education sessions in six learning tracks. Technology, trends, productivity, broker, personal growth, or CE; classes that boost your business!
  • The general session keynote speaker will be Lou Holtz, national champion motivator and mentor.
  • Attend the Expo for FREE this year if you only want to attend one day—Trade Expo August 20 – 21.
  • And one of my favorite parts of the conference: after a long day of meetings and classes, “Dance like You Mean it,” America’s #1 party band, entertains us on Thursday evening, August 20.

If you’re still not convinced this is for you, or have any questions, I want you to reach out to one of your TBR Leaders or past presidents for more information. Remember, we all were beginners once, and the only way you will be a success is to give a try!

Mariela Bartens
2015 TBR President
Coldwell Banker Hartung & Noblin

DigiTally: Where Community Pride and Technology Merge


Community pride in Tallahassee is seen everywhere. From fantastic neighborhood associations, volunteerism, beautiful parks and trails to, now, a city that encourages residents to help in the process. 

While the majority of the population is appreciative to live in a community where these values are part of our social responsibility, there are citizens that choose to vandalize Cascades Park with graffiti or leave eyesores in their yards to detract from the beauty of their community. It is our duty to overcome these minor setbacks. 

As many of us use the web to do everything from paying bills to keeping in touch with friends through social media, the Tallahassee community now can assist our city service department by reporting service requests via the web as well. We are a culture that works beyond the hours of 9 to 5. There is not always time to fit our public duties into our busy schedules. Now, due to some innovation from the city, you can help 24/7. 

Recently, as the Eastgate Neighborhood Association agreed on a vision of a better neighborhood, we began our initiative list for the next three years. Many initiatives included making sure landscape, yard trash, lighting, tree trimming, and right-of-way spaces be better maintained. Our theory is that if the association can lead the way, the whole neighborhood will follow. 

Conveniently, the City of Tallahassee has rolled-out their new DigiTally service. What is it?  It is a web- or app-based system to report concerns in the community.  There are over 100 categories of community concerns that can be reported via the DigiTally service.  Abandoned cars, debris, tree trimming needed, lighting, replacing a recycle container, trail concerns, stray animals, potholes, drainage ditch maintenance, traffic signal repair, park mowing.  You can even view photos of adoptable pets. This is just to name a few.  And, all this can be done on your desktop computer, your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. 

To see the service for yourself, go to and find DigiTally app link; once on the page, you can choose which platform you would like to use. Or, look for the download in the Google or Apple app stores. 

The system works much like social media:

  1. You submit a request
  2. The system acknowledges your request
  3. You receive updates on progress including comments directly back from the city employee handling the request.
  4. You can review all requests submitted throughout the city or just those submitted by you. 
  5. Citizens can “support” requests or comment on them. 


The city has given us an easy way to communicate. It is a great step by the city to include every generation our community serves to voice their concerns. Conversations with Carrie Poole from the city’s Department of Communications have confirmed the city is committed to successfully implement DigiTally. Implementation steps include contests and training for city employees so every department receiving requests can handle them appropriately and in a timely manner. While the system changes the way many city employees handle their daily tasks, a tiered roll-out is already taking place. My use of the system leaves me excited for the entire community to embrace it. 

You can expect to see the city begin a marketing campaign for the service in the next couple months. I encourage Tallahassee residents to take advantage of this new service while supporting an initiative that allows citizen concerns to be heard in a new, progressive format. 

Michael Still
Member, Eastgate Neighborhood Association

What’s New in Apple’s IOS 8 Mobile Operating System


Apple’s IOS 8 operating system is available for download and installation. What’s included? Before I answer that, consider the following before you take the plunge and upgrade to IOS 8: 

  • Perform a full backup of your device, just in case you have technical issues during the update process. 
  • Installer beware. While the free download is available to iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S, there are a few things you should consider. If your device is an older Apple device, say the 4s or the iPad 2, you might want to sit this update out. In the past, older devices did not work well with new Apple updates. In 2013, a lot of device owners had issues with older devices that they upgraded to IOS 7. 
  • Before performing the update, delete any old apps you no longer use. 
  • IOS 8 will take about 3 GB of space, so you made need to remove some of your photos and videos to make room for the upgrade. 

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, what are you getting if you update to IOS 8? 

New Features in IOS 8: 

Pay – Apple’s new mobile payment system allows you to make purchases with your mobile device at participating retailers. 

Notification – IOS 8 has a new notification system that will allow you to reply to messages and interact with alerts from the drop-down menu and the lock screen. 

Health App – Apple’s new app to track your fitness. 

Suggestive Typing – One of my favorites. IOS 8 can predict what you may want to type next. Based on your typing habits, it then will suggest words that may logically complete your thoughts and sentences in the message or email. 

Shortcuts – If you double-click the home button, it will provide you with shortcuts to contact the people you have spoken to most recently. Icons with either their initials or their faces will appear across the top of the screen. Just tap the icon to message or call them. 

iCloud Drive – Yes, it’s similar to Google Drive and Dropbox. With iCloud Drive, you can edit, browse, and share files across multiple Apple devices. Mac support won’t come until later in the year. 

Control Center – Control Center has been redesigned with black borders around icons being removed and icons white when activated.

Battery Usage – Ever wonder which apps are hogging your battery life? Tap General, then Usage, then Battery Usage to see which apps have used the most battery over the last 24 hours. You can also tap the last seven days feature to see what’s been using the most battery over a longer period of time. 

For advice or questions about technology, please contact the CATRS Technology Support Desk at 850-224-7713. 

Paul Galloway
Manager of Association Technology

President’s Message, April 2014


We are having a busy spring at TBR! 

Great American REALTOR® Day. Our CEO, Steven Louchheim; DVP, Debbie Kirkland; president-elect, Mariela Santurri; past-president, Bert Bevis; other TBR members, including Joy Woodruff; and I attended the Florida REALTORS® Meet & Greet with Governor Scott at the Governor’s Mansion. Governor Scott reinforced his support of Florida REALTORS®’ continued efforts to improve the state’s economy. He also mentioned how much he valued the Florida REALTORS®’ friendship and John Sebree keeping him informed of pertinent public policy issues. 

Each year, Great American REALTOR® Day provides an opportunity for delegation of TBR members to visit the Capital to talk to our legislators about REALTOR® Party issues. This year, we had meetings scheduled with Senator Bill Montford and representatives Alan Williams and Michele Rehwinkle Vasilinda.

As most of you know, we are advocates for our clients’ private property rights, as well as protecting the means of making a living for our REALTORS® and business partners. Some of the key issues this year include:

1. Taxes on commercial leases. This tax on Florida businesses is a deterrent to those looking to relocate to our state.

2. The Sadowski Fund. We have been paying into this fund with every closed transaction, specifically to help first-time homebuyers and other real estate buyers, and this fund has been raided by the State of Florida as a general revenue source. We are trying to either discontinue this fee or have it be used for its intended purpose. [Note: As of this writing, the Florida Senate has approved full funding for the Sadowski fund ($275 million). We are now waiting for the House to act on this issue.]

3. Clean water. We are trying to enforce laws to protect our waterways and ensure all communities have clean water. 

Springtime Tallahassee. TBR had our first professionally decorated float in the Springtime Tallahassee parade! While the weather started out raining (and threatening more bad weather), by the time the parade kicked off and started down the route, the skies opened up and the sun came shining through! Thanks again to the hard-working Communications Committee for bringing it all together. 

Habitat for Humanity. Our TBR/FSU Habitat Build is coming along nicely; we have had groups of 15 to 20 REALTORS® and affiliate business partners each Build Day. We’re looking forward to the dedication ceremony—stay tuned to eBoard Briefs for the announcement, and make plans to join us in presenting this beautiful new home to a happy new homeowner. 

#CTF2014. Our annual CATRS Tech Forum will be coming up May 8. You do not want to miss this opportunity—the event sold out last year! In addition to the latest tech tips and news, we’ll have over10 exhibitors—from cell phones and electronics, to Paragon MLS and REALTORS® Property Resource—and they are sure to have some fantastic door prizes for attendees. 

Professional Development. If you don’t already have your REP pass, we have so many great classes coming up that you may want to get it! April classes include one on home inspections, and an informative look at what it takes to make the leap from salesperson to broker. 

Another REP class is of interest to appraisers—the Florida Appraisers State Law Update on April 18. And we’re offering two other courses required for appraisers, with great tuition rates for TBR members: the USPAP National Update course on April 17 and Appraiser Supervisor/Trainee class on April 18. 

Interested in designation courses? At Home with Diversity on May 1 provides seven hours continuing education credit, and can be credited towards several real estate designations: ABR, CIPS, CRS, PMN, AHWD, RSPS. And after taking the class, participants can apply to NAR to receive the AHWD certification. 

Jeffrey D. Doxsee, Sr.
2014 TBR President
Capital Property Consultants

MLS: What Are You Missing?


I guess everyone knows what an MLS is. At its core, the MLS is a means for participants (brokers) in the MLS to communicate offers of compensation with other participants. That is it. Your MLS is a means to an orderly marketplace, where brokers can assist their sellers and their buyers.

Over the years, a greater number of tools have been added to the MLS to assist participants and subscribers (agents) in finding and evaluating the real estate market in any given area. Just about everyone uses basic search functionality: area, price, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc. But I bet there are some hidden gems in the system that most agents either don’t realize exist, or, if they ever knew, have not used or don’t know how to use.

Did you know that you can run up to three different searches in each class at the same time?

In the screenshot at left, I am doing searches in Residential, Multi-Family, and Lots and Land classes. In the Multi-Family class, I have two searches (see the tabs) and the green “+New Search” button lets me know I can do a third search.

Powerful mapping tools in the MLS allow you to search by any shape. For example, have a buyer that wants to be in Southwood, but not on the golf course? Since the frontage feature does not allow you to exclude, just draw shapes on the map that fits the criteria—you can catch houses on the same street as golf course frontage and are sure to meet the buyer’s needs.

Stay tuned to next month’s eZine/blog post for other features in the MLS.

Steven Louchheim
TBR Executive Director

Immediate Action Required: Back Up Your Data Now


You may be aware of a new ransomware known as Cryptolocker. Yes, you read correctly: it is ransomware that can infect your PC or servers in the form of a Trojan, virus, or phishing attack. It renders your files and folders unreadable by encrypting them. The software sniffs out your personal office documents, photos, music, etc. first before the program demands that you pay $300 to receive the security key to decrypt your files and folders.

A few questions & answers:

Should I pay the ransom? No. Your issues will go from bad to worse. First, there is no guarantee that you will receive a key to decrypt your files. If a software attacker will resort to holding your data hostage, imagine what he can do with your banking or credit card information.

Isn’t it possible to otherwise recover my files? It’s highly unlikely. Cryptolocker can create irreversible data loss by infecting the PC and then encrypting your data. Encryption manipulates good data into secret code; without the security key, your files and folders are still present but cannot be opened, read, or otherwise used.

What should you do first? Be proactive. Back up your files and folders to Blu-Ray, DVD, or an external hard drive. Don’t wait until your device is infected to do so. Caution: If you back up to an external drive, do not leave it connected to the PC. Once you have backed up your files, disconnect the drive. Take advantage of the CATRS Technology Services–we can perform backups for you. Contact us at (850) 224-7713.

What software security modifications should I be sure to make on my PC? Make sure that your PC has antivirus and antimalware software installed and updated. Make sure that Windows is up-to-date with all current security updates and patches. Make sure that your firewall is turned on and operating correctly.

Why the rush? Couldn’t I just have my IT person remove the virus? Yes, it’s possible to remove the virus; however, a lot—if not all—of your files would have already been encrypted by the ransomware.

Will my antivirus detect the virus? This variant of the virus is relatively new. Security companies and antivirus manufacturers are working on solutions to detect the virus, but do not have one yet. Malwarebytes antispyware has had some success with at least removing it. Keep in mind, if your files and folders are encrypted there is no way to decrypt them.

I have a Mac; I’m in good shape, right? No. This has affected Mac users as well.

If my PC is infected, what steps can I take to prevent it from spreading? Turn off the PC immediately! The infection can be spread across networks to other connected PCs, servers, and devices. Therefore, unplug the network cable from the infected PC. If the PC is connected to the network wirelessly, disable the wireless network adapter.

What safe PC habits should I form to avoid infection? Do not open attachments from anyone you’re not expecting an attachment from. Do not click on hyperlinks from untrusted sources. This includes emails from financial institutions and shipping companies like UPS and FedEx. Do not allow USB flash drives to be inserted into your PC before first scanning them for the ransomware.

Are cloud backup services like Carbonite and Mozy sufficient for backups? No. If the PC has been infected, then these online services will still be backing up encrypted (unreadable) files and folders.

If the virus has been removed, should I feel confident adding new files and folders to my PC? This depends on your confidence in the person removing the virus. The only way of making 100% sure a computer is no longer infected is to have your technician perform a clean install of the operating system and supporting software. If you have uninfected backups, this is the preferable course.

Make no mistake–this variant causes severe data loss. If your files are encrypted, it is worse than actually deleting the files.

Paul Galloway
Manager of Association Technology

Technology: Security Tools for Everyday Use


It is understandable that one of the major issues agents have to worry about is how to protect one of their main business tools—their computer—from security threats. In addition, it follows that they also worry about what they can do when (and if) they ever find their security has been compromised. I am pleased to report that there are many solutions to this problem that meet my three favorite requirements for almost any acquisition: safe, reliable, and free!

I’ll briefly outline five such products that we currently recommend (in fact, we use them here on our TBR computers), including what they are, what they do, and why we use them. Each is free, has a small “footprint” and doesn’t slow down your computer.

First, let’s talk about Antivirus Products:

What it does: Real-time protection that helps to guard against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.
Why we use it: It has proven to be reliable at catching and resolving most issues. It doesn’t hurt that it has the Microsoft name and resources behind it, either.

What it is: AVG ANTIVIRUS FREE 2014
What it does: AVG stands for “Anti-Virus Guard,” and as the name suggests it does just that.  The product also includes anti-spyware, link scanner technology, and theft-prevention software.
Why we use it: Grisoft’s product quickly gained a reputation for security, ease of use, and reliability.

Now, let’s talk about Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware Products:

What it does: Anti-malware application for removing malware and spyware.
Why we use it: Malwarebytes does a decent job of finding malware that some other products might miss, including rogue security software, adware, and spyware.

What it does: Spybot – Search & Destroy is a spyware and adware removal program. It scans your computer’s hard disk and RAM for malicious software.
Why we use it: Spybot – Search & Destroy is a go-to for us in a pinch, as it is feature-rich with options like registry repair and browser hijacking repair. It also has the ability to detect some Trojans.

Last, let’s talk about a little PC cleanup:

What it is: CCLEANER
What it does: CCleaner does an awesome job of quickly cleaning off unwanted files from your computer that might be slowing it down, including temporary internet files, cookies, recycle bin, and any small files left behind once having been deleted. Ease-of-use is one of its greatest features.
Why we use it: Easy to use and pure performance in addition to the wide array of options makes CCleaner one of our favorites.

Of course there are lots of free products available and these are just a small sample of a few that we use here at TBR. You can find a list of other recommended products HERE and of course you can always call the CATRS Technology Desk at (850) 224-7713 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and we will be happy to assist you. Here’s to your security!

Will Shepherd
CATRS/TBR Technology Support Specialist

Professional Development Committee Update


The Tallahassee Board is constantly changing and improving for your benefit. If you have not been on the TBR campus in the last couple of months, you have missed a lot.  There are weekly opportunities for learning, experiencing, and growing. Make learning a priority…talk to some of your peers and ask them if they went to any of these events and you will be disappointed you didn’t attend. Pick one a month, or, at a minimum, one a quarter. If you don’t see anything you like, let TBR know. Remember, they are here for you! These are some of the things you have missed, and future offerings you won’t want to miss:

CATRS 2013 Technology Forum & District 8 Summit. This sold-out forum included a fun way to breeze through some of the technology affecting and helping REALTORS®. There was a discussion on everything from iPads to IMAPP, and even some discussion on the most useful apps. It was a blast and only cost $5! There was a packed house of over 100 REALTORS®.  Don’t miss out on next year’s event which is already in the planning stages.

REP: Introduction to iPad. A discussion on how to use and make the iPad work for your business—if you missed the May class, don’t wait to register for the November 13 class.  It’s free with REP pass or $25 for members.
     “Having just purchased an iPad mini I was anxious to attend the class. I was not disappointed!! The information presented was thorough and pertinent. As always the instructor was well-informed and open to questions. The TBR classes are invaluable to me and the efficient operation of my business.”  Kathy Eubanks Rivenbark, PrimeSouth Fezler, Russell and Ferrie

Lunch & Learn: REOs and Foreclosures. Our own REALTORS® that are experts in the REO/foreclosure field showed how to present your best offer and the differences between the Big Three – Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD properties. This one was so popular, we have scheduled another class on August 29 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
     “I appreciated the open dialogue and structure of the lunch and learn. Each presenter did a nice job of presenting their materials and trying to associate with the other presenters. It’s always helpful to hear “real world” examples from both presenters and the audience.”  Your Fellow REALTOR®, Kevin Hattaway, Linda Dix Realty

Lunch & Learn: Hurricanes & Insurance. We had a great discussion on insurance and everyone learned a lot on how to assist clients to buy the property they want, without insurance getting in the way. Fantastic information about how to keep everyone informed on the many facets of insurance.
     “The most helpful thing to me was hearing how difficult it will continue to be to insure older homes. The need to bring them up to code on certain things and higher insurance costs. Clarifies that pre-listing four point inspections will be the way to go, and educating sellers and buyers on this, since I sell a lot of older homes.” Terry Kant, Kant Realty.

     “I’m so thankful for our TBR Affiliates hosting the recent Hurricanes and Insurance Lunch & Learn workshop. The host exceeded all expectations by serving us a southern style delicious lunch, plus, they offered unique wisdom and hands-on knowledge and even encouraged us to use these tools in our respective businesses. Personally, after attending the event, I suggested to a new home-buyer client: ‘You might want to consider ordering the classic home inspection and the four point home inspection at the same time.’ And, it saved them money. Because, later their insurance agency required the four point inspection. This one small suggestion resulted in a happy vendor and a happy client, too! Thank you, Lunch & Learn – TBR Affiliates!” Joan E. Smith, BuyerSide Realty.

     “Thank you for suggesting this luncheon. It was a great opportunity to hear Mary Katharine and Will speak about securing insurance in Florida during the hurricane season. Most of the situations and examples used during the discussion I had not previously heard of or encountered. I particularly enjoyed the outline of how to prevent buyers from losing out on their home purchase because of insurance inspections.” Rebecca M. Bollmann, Landmark Real Estate Company.

IMAGINE Tallahassee Visioning Forum. A group of REALTORS® met at the Tallahassee Board of Realtors® on June 20 for a two-hour visioning session of what they envision as greatness in Tallahassee in the future, and brainstormed ideas for how to achieve the ideas that the group agreed would make Tallahassee a more desirable place to visit and live.

Imagine Tallahassee is:

  • A grassroots citizens’ initiative
  • Financed with private funds
  • Supported by Leon County and the City of Tallahassee
  • Advisory to the Leon County Sales Tax Committee 

The Goal:  A long-term community vision and strategy for allocating up to 15% of future infrastructure sales tax revenues for economic development investment.

The Imagine Tallahassee Vision Plan will consist of three elements:

  • Existing Conditions Report Card
  • Vision Statement/Strategic Directions
  • Prioritized Economic Development Initiatives 

Once the branding process is complete, Imagine Tallahassee will provide the Sales Tax Committee, and ultimately the County and City Commissions, a compass for future economic development investment in our community.  Following the Imagine Tallahassee initiative, the Sales Tax Committee will determine its final recommendations relating to the allocation of funds toward economic development and infrastructure projects.”

You can view the recommendations from the TBR visioning forum exercise by logging in to the members-only portion of our website.

COMING UP IN JULY! Register right away for your favorites.

Lunch & Learn: Short Sales, Thursday, July 11, noon 1:30 p.m. Don’t be afraid of the BIG BAD short sale! Come have lunch and discuss how to approach short sales from both sides of the table with fellow REALTORS® Mike Carlos, Keller Williams Town and Country Realty, and Matt Hale, Capital City Real Estate Group, whose businesses thrive on dealing with short sales. Come with questions and stories! Enjoy lunch provided by Smith, Thompson, Shaw, Minacci & Colon, P.A.

REP: Contract I: Learn Our Sales Contract (6 hours CE), Thursday, July 18, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. The class provides a clause-by-clause examination using “real life” situations and practical examples and focuses attention on the effective drafting of the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS® Contract for Sale and Purchase.

REP: Roadmap to a Successful Closing (4 hours CE), Friday, July 19, 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. This course will help real estate professionals understand the importance of knowing who is responsible for the various parts of the closing, how to overcome the problems that may be encountered, and getting to the closing table and ensuring that the REALTOR®’s fees are received without obstacles or road blocks.

Danielle Galvin
1st Choice Real Estate Service