Windows 10: Should REALTORS® Take The Plunge?

Microsoft’s long awaited new operating system—Windows 10—has finally arrived. Most consumers will take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 that is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. But is it a wise choice to upgrade now? Well, that depends. For the average consumer upgrading shouldn’t cause a lot of concern. This […]

You’ve Gotta Have Heart

Being fairly new to the real estate sales business, I still spend time observing my fellow REALTORS® to hone my professional skills. It’s been interesting to compare the public’s view of REALTORS® to the reality of the REALTORS®’ world. I’ve been touched by the kindness and generosity that I’ve witnessed among my fellow REALTORS®. I’ll […]

The Changing Face(Time) of Real Estate

Gone are the days of MLS books and driving around neighborhoods to find the perfect home to buy. Through technology, home buyers are able to search for a home and have financing completed all before talking to a REALTOR®. According to NAR, 100% of homes purchased have been viewed online. For several weeks, I was […]

Legal Update: Why Can’t A Lawyer Give A Straight Answer?

For centuries, interpretation of the Bible has been a full time job for some. Once agreed to, interpretations have been turned on their head by later reinterpretations. So it is with the law in Florida and throughout the United States.  Asking a lawyer if a contract is binding or what the ramification of a proposed […]

President’s Message: Attend!

As your 2015 Tallahassee Board of REALTORS® President and considering my involvement with Florida REALTORS® as State Director for over three years, I urge all TBR members to attend the state conference at least once in your real estate career. Plan now to attend the Florida REALTORS® conference in Orlando, August 19 – 23. I’ve […]

Public Relations

2015 PR Budget: How did we spend your money? One of the main goals of the Communications Committee is to inform the public of the value we REALTORS® bring to the transactions that we are entrusted with and to inform the public of the many ways that we contribute to the local community (both on […]

Legal Update: Will It Be a Car Wreck?

August 1 and after, we will know. That is when the much discussed new rules under Dodd-Frank take effect on residential lending. Gone will be the HUD-1, the Good Faith Estimate, and the early Truth In Lending form. All of those will be replaced with new forms, new time schedules, and new responsibilities.  Most importantly, […]

REALTORS® for Relay

This is the 14th year that “REALTORS® for Relay and Friends” have been involved with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. We will be participating at the Chiles High School (North Leon) event on May 1st starting at 6 p.m. and continuing throughout the night until 6 a.m.  You can find us at sites […]

The Frenchtown Heritage Market

The Frenchtown Heritage Market (FHM) was launched in 2011 to improve food access and economic opportunity, with the help of Tallahassee Food Network (TFN), the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), Childhood Obesity Prevention Education (COPE) Coalition partners, and local food producers committed to sustainable practices and the health of the community.  In 2014, with the help […]