REALTORS® for Relay

This is the 14th year that “REALTORS® for Relay and Friends” have been involved with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. We will be participating at the Chiles High School (North Leon) event on May 1st starting at 6 p.m. and continuing throughout the night until 6 a.m.  You can find us at sites […]

The Frenchtown Heritage Market

The Frenchtown Heritage Market (FHM) was launched in 2011 to improve food access and economic opportunity, with the help of Tallahassee Food Network (TFN), the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), Childhood Obesity Prevention Education (COPE) Coalition partners, and local food producers committed to sustainable practices and the health of the community.  In 2014, with the help […]

President’s Message: Strategic Planning

The last time TBR worked on our strategic plan was 2011. Revising the current plan is my first goal as 2015 president. Past-president Frank McClean (2013) had business cards printed with TBR’s mission statement and the main points of the 2011 plan, and presented them to the board of directors at his leadership orientation meeting. […]

Legal Update: What’s an NDA?

The world has gone full circle. There was a time when the best marketing tool for real estate was an open house, where anyone and everyone could trudge through the home for sale, regardless of the qualification to buy by the visitor.  Then the Internet leapfrogged that with 360-degree web pages showing every nook and […]

REALTOR® to REALTOR®: Back to Basics

Have you ever noticed how successful you are when you focus on the basics in any undertaking?  Think about when you bake a cake. If you leave out just one ingredient or over-mix the batter, the project is usually a flop. Or in T-ball, where coaches preach three rudiments: hit the ball, catch the ball, […]

Homestead and Second Marriages

Homestead continues to be one of the most misunderstood provisions under Florida law. It has applicability to probate, protection from creditors, and real estate taxes. So why is it misunderstood? Because frequently lawyers and REALTORS® do not know what they are talking about. Probably the most attuned individuals are title agents, as they see it […]

What is a “Wild Deed?”

The phrase “wild deed” is used often, but most people do not understand it. The same is true when people talk about a “quit claim deed,” which simply releases claims to property a person may not own at all. On the “wild deed,” it can have devastating consequences to the true owners. A wild deed […]

Don’t “Short Sale” Yourself

Who wants to become a REALTOR®? You want to show houses? You want to write contract offers? You want to place your sign in the yard? Well, not to bust your bubble, but so do all the other agents in town. So the question is, what do you do to set yourself apart?   As a […]

TRID Is Coming August 1

What is TRID and how will it affect REALTORS®? Have you ever taken a summer vacation in Europe only to discover that businesses are closed because many Europeans take the entire month of August off? This may be something you want to consider this year (just kidding, it’s not going to be that bad). TRID […]

President’s Message: Welcome to 2015

2015 is the year of working together as a team, and TBR will offer the Leadership Academy this year to provide training to future leaders of our association. One of my goals is to help TBR members, along with the Board of Directors and committee chairmen, to be more productive and profitable together. We will […]