PC Diagnostic and Security Setup ($45 members/$70 nonmembers) – CATRS support staff will install its recommended antivirus and antimalware solutions, that are needed to protect your PC, tablet, or smartphone from malicious Internet threats.

If your PC is running slow we can make recommendations that will give your device a boost in performance.

Service includes install and configuration of the following components: Antivirus, Antispyware, PC Maintenance Cleaner, Internet Explorer Addons, pop-up blockers, Adobe Reader, and Sun Java Console. (TBR Members may still take advantage of free phone support through the CATRS and Black Knight Support desks.)

Static Data Backup ($50 members/$70 nonmembers per DVD) – If your PC or laptop crashes, becomes infected with a virus, or worse—suffers a hardware failure—how safe is your data? CATRS support staff will back up your PC data to DVD, which is the most reliable medium for static file and folder backups.

Technology Pre-Purchase Consulting ($35 members/$55 nonmembers) – If you need a new PC, tablet, smartphone or other device, you may find that with so many choices it’s difficult to decide which is the right one for your needs.

Sign up for an hour with one of our support personnel and we can assist you in designing and picking out the right device, and explain current and upcoming technologies that may affect your purchasing decision.

Specifications such as hard drive space, memory, type of operating system, processing speed, and additional software application including antivirus and warranty is made available in printed or electronic format.

CATRS Technology Coaching ($45 members/$55 nonmembers) – Receive an hour of personalized training from CATRS support staff on most technologies including but not limited to: 

          iPad, iPhone, Android Devices, Cloud Services including Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Paragon MLS

          Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word, Form Simplicity, Windows 7, Windows 10, and more.