2020 Honor Society and Annual Awards - Now Accepting Applications and Nominations

All applications and nominations are due December 11, 2020.

pdf Honor Society 2020 (199 KB)  The Honor Society recognizes REALTOR® and Affiliate members for their dedication to the association and their profession, with points awarded for professional development and volunteer activity at the local and state levels.

pdf Annual Awards 2020 (321 KB)  REALTOR® of the Year, Rookie REALTOR® of the Year, Affiliate of the Year

pdf Gerri C. Roberts Volunteer Awards 2020 (369 KB)  Gerri C. Roberts was a Tallahassee REALTOR® known for her dedication and service to the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS® and our community. We are proud to honor her memory and celebrate our members through two awards:

  • Volunteer of the Year. This award recognizes a REALTOR® or Affiliate member for their volunteer service to the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS®.
  • NEW! Good Neighbor. This award recognizes a REALTOR® member for community volunteerism. TBR will contribute a grant award to a 501(c)3 charity designated by the winner.

Annual Award Recipients

The following members have contributed extraordinary time and expertise to the promotion of the image and ideals of the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS®, and are recognized by their peers based on their substantial achievements and contributions in the areas of Board and community involvement.

Honor Society Inductees
REALTOR® of the Year

Rookie REALTOR® of the Year
Affiliate of the Year
President's Award
Gerri C. Roberts Volunteer of the Year
Leadership Award

Honor Society Inductees

2019: Mary Applegate, Amy Banning, Mariela Bartens, Jamie Bellamy, Joy Blomeley, Leah Chapin, Wallisa Cobb, Jeff Doxsee, Mike Ferrie, Andrea Fryk, Danielle Galvin, Anthony Gifford, Joel Hagans, Lillian Jack, Patti Ketcham, Amy Malfa, Becky McNeal, Nicholas Mihalich, Thelma Palmer, Shannon Pararo, Kathy Rivenbark, Courtney Roberts, Trina Searcy, Will Shepherd, Lucretia Thomas, Debbie Williams

2018: Mary Applegate, Jamie Bellamy, Joy Blomeley, Leah Chapin, Dana Cummins, Jeff Doxsee, Danielle Galvin, Lillian Jack, Patti Ketcham, Amy Malfa, Nicholas Mihalich, Miriam Nicklaus, Thelma Palmer, Rae Roeder, Mariela Bartens-Santurri, Trina Searcy, Will Shepherd, Sarah Springer, Lucretia Thomas, Debbie Williams

2017: Jamie Bellamy, Leah Chapin, Miriam Nicklaus, Justin Peel, Trina Searcy, Will Shepherd, Debbie Williams


REALTOR® of the Year

2019: Will Shepherd
2018: Jamie Bellamy
2017: Will Shepherd
2016: Trina Searcy
2015: Nicholas Mihalich
2014: Georgia Turner
2013: Karl Easton
2012: Sonia Jewell
2011: Jeff Doxsee, Sr.
2010: Lucretia Thomas
2009: Robert "Greg" Lane
2008: Jane Bixler Conn
2007: Donald Pickett
2006: Kenny Ayers
2005: Mike Ferrie
2004: Penny Herman
2003: Kevin Hattaway
2002: Jane Bixler Conn
2001: Jan Nucich
2000: Steve Hourigan
1999: Rae Roeder


Rookie REALTOR® of the Year

2019: Andrea Fryk
2018: no award
2017: no award
2016: Bruce Foster
2015: Lee Snowden
2014: Bonnie Scott-Walls
2013: Sherry Metz
2012: Jim Butler
2011: no award
2010: Joan Smith
2009: Wanda Carter
2008: Candida "CJ" Guice
2007: Summer Munyon
2006: Danya Wilson
2005: Larry Barlow
2004: Stacy Harnett


Affiliate of the Year

2019: Joel Hagans
2018: Dana Cummins
2017: no award
2016: Smith, Thompson, Shaw, Minacci, Colon & Power, P.A.
2015: A.M.W.A.T.
2014: Smith, Thompson, Shaw, Minacci & Colon, P.A.
2013: Jane Bixler Conn
2012: Robin Yeatman
2011: Elizabeth Ralstin
2010: Amanda James
2009: Becky McNeal
2008: Todd Powell
2007: Robert "Greg" Lane
2006: Carrie Hess
2005: Lisa Graganella
2004: Andrew Kitsos


President's Award

2019: Trina Searcy
2018: Lucretia Thomas
2017: Marsha Morrison
2016: Carla Stephens
2015: Debbie Williams
2014: Steven Louchheim
2013: Christic Henry
2012: Nicholas Mihalich
2011: Karl Easton
2010: Ann Cleare
2009: Mariela Santurri


Gerri C. Roberts Volunteer of the Year

2019: Will Shepherd
2018: Jamie Bellamy
2017: Trina Searcy
2016: Leah Chapin
2015: Jamie Bellamy
2014: Miriam Nicklaus
2013: Sarah Kosturko
2012: Karl Easton
2011: Wanda Carter
2010: Marsha Morrison
2009: Debbie Williams


Leadership Award

2016: Bill Goldband
2015: Stephen Pike
2014: Nicholas Mihalich
2013: Tiffany Hamilton
2012: Lucretia Thomas
2011: Debbie Williams
2010: Patti Ketcham
2009: Susan Gwynn