eKEY Compatible Smartphones

SUPRA EKEY FEES: Professional, $24.33; Basic, $16.08; Activation Fee, $50. Autopay each month on the 22nd.

pdf SupraWEB Office Guide (599 KB)

Supra Self-Help Support Online

pdf Reciprocal Key Form for Participants/Subscribers to REALTORS® Association of Franklin & Gulf Counties (247 KB)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is against MLS Rules to lend a key to someone or to borrow anyone's key. There is no circumstance that this is allowed. The lender and the borrower are each subject to an automatic $500 fine for each instance of this violation. If you are a current, active keyholder and you lose your phone or cannot get the app to work, you can ask another keyholder to go with you to the showing.