eKEY Compatible Smartphones

SUPRA EKEY FEES: Professional, $24.33; Basic, $16.08; Activation Fee, $50. Autopay each month on the 22nd.

pdf SupraWEB Office Guide (599 KB)

Supra Self-Help Support Online

pdf Reciprocal Key Form for Participants/Subscribers to REALTORS® Association of Franklin & Gulf Counties (247 KB)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is against MLS Rules to lend a key to someone or to borrow anyone's key. There is no circumstance that this is allowed. The lender and the borrower are each subject to an automatic $500 fine for each instance of this violation. If you are a current, active keyholder and you lose your phone or cannot get the app to work, you can ask another keyholder to go with you to the showing.


Do You Have Out-of-Town Agents Wanting to Access Your Listings? 

Supra eKEY holders can grant a single access key to out-of-area agents who require limited one-off entry to properties.

Authorization is granted by the listing agent via the eKEY app for one-time lockbox access during a designated time window.

To Grant Single Access  pdf Agent Instructions PDF - Single Access (1.27 MB)

  1. Open the eKey
  2. Select My Keyboxes
  3. Select the keybox for the property to which you wish to grant access
  4. Select Grant Managed Access
  5. Type in the cell number of the person to whom you wish to grant access (or choose from your contacts). Select access day and time.
  6. Add any pertinent notes regarding the property and then press Send

To Receive Single Access  pdf User Instructions PDF - Single Access (862 KB)

  1. Click the link in the SMS text invitation to download and set up your eKEY.
  2. This will take you directly to the Supra eKEY app on your phone’s app store. Click to download and install.
  3. Once the app is downloaded, return to your texts; click on the same link to register with eKEY.
  4. Once you register, you’ll receive a text with a link to an authorization code. Tap on the link and you’ll be taken directly to a pre-populated authorization page for the eKEY.
  5. Read and agree to the EULA (End User License Agreement) and Privacy notices.
  6. To open the lockbox, select Obtain Key Enter the 4-digit PIN you selected during registration and push up on the bottom of the lockbox to turn it on.
  7. You will then get a “Success!” message. Once you see that, push up again on the bottom of the lockbox to access the key(s) inside.